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Heather Owens

Heather Owens

Leave the Diva at the door... this is wrestling!

Height: 5-foot-4
Weight: 145 pounds
Hometown: Cincinnati, Ohio

“Hardcore” is not a nickname for Heather Owens. That's just who she is. One-hundred percent pure unadulterated hardcore.

Heather is as real as real can get. Examples of her realness are her tattoos. They do no represent the person. They are the person. And the meaning behind them is more than skin deep. Simply put, there is nothing fake about her.

“I love to eat big ol' burgers and drink lots of booze,” Owens said before downing the last of her beer and tossing the bottle aside. “If you got a problem with that, we can settle in the ring or in an alley. It's your choice where you want me to beat you up.”

Heather is more than just a hardcore, hard-hitting, hard-drinking fighter. She is also an exceptional wrestler with a great deal of respect for the history of women in the sport.

“The Fabulous Moolah is my greatest inspiration,” she said. “Moolah did it all in this business and left her mark. I'm gonna leave my mark too.”

Heather started leaving her mark in professional wrestling in 2002 after she graduated from high school.

“Right out of high school, I started training with Les Thatcher and Cody Hawk at the Heartland Wrestling Association in Cincinnati,” she said. “I left a few months later for personal reasons, but I went back in 2005.”

Since May 2005, Heather has been involved with professional wrestling non-stop. During 2005, she worked as a referee. Her first match was January 20, 2006 against veteran Helena Heavenly.

“I dislocated my shoulder in my first match,” Heather said with a twisted smile as she opened another bottle of beer and took a drink. “That didn't stop me though. I continued to wrestle, even with the injury.”

Clearly, Heather had decided at this point in her career that nothing would stop her, not even an injury. Later in 2006, she went on the road with the legendary Tracy Smothers.

“He taught me a lot about how wrestling was back in the good ol' days,” Heather said of Smothers while raising her beer as if to toast in honor of her mentor. “Thanks to him, I was able to wrestle from West Virginia to California and everywhere in between.”

In much the same way her inspiration, Moolah, served as a mentor for many great female wrestlers, Heather would like to pass on what she has learned from legends like Thatcher and Smothers. But if you're a female wrestler, there is only one requirement before you hit the road with Heather.

“I'm always looking for other women just as dedicated to wrestling as I am,” she said, finishing off another beer. “But you gotta leave the Diva at the door. This is wrestling!”

Credit: Magnificent Ladies Wrestling

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