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Fearless French-Canadian Beauty.

Height: 5-foot-3
Weight: 135 pounds
Hometown: Montreal, Quebec, Canada

The laughter ringing in the ears of the beautiful young woman from Montreal was painful to hear because it came from veteran wrestlers who thought she had no place in a professional wrestling ring. It hurt worse than a dropkick to the face.

Josianne burned with anger. She had been hired by a short-lived, Toronto-based wrestling company because of her extensive martial arts background, but never received any training. When she returned to Montreal and called herself a "pro wrestler," other grapplers laughed and mocked her.

"I had it really hard," she says. "It got me so upset, I decided I should train and show them all what I was capable of. I wanted them to stop laughing. I wanted to impress them. But most of all, I wanted to prove to myself I could do it."

Since those dark days a few years ago, Josianne has accomplished her mission. No one laughs any more. She has become one of the most talented women wrestlers to emerge from Canada, a dogged competitor who never ducks a challenge and who welcomes the toughest tests in rings all over the world. In fact, Josianne has been studying English, largely so she can compete more frequently in the United States.

"I have always admired women who were capable of standing up and fighting for what they believe in," Josianne says defiantly. "I think the competitive side of the wrestling business is the most attractive for me."

Trained in Montreal by King Hammer and Jaguar, Josianne is deceptively strong and extremely agile, capable of stunning foes with high-flying maneuvers or grinding them down with submission holds. A missile dropkick from the ropes is her finisher and few women are capable of avoiding the pin when she delivers it.

Josianne surveys the wide variety of top wrestling talent at Magnificent Ladies Wrestling and admits it is an imposing group, but the woman who describes herself as "sweet but confident" is certain she can compete and win.

"Every time I go to the USA, I have to get a little meaner to get respect," she says. "I guess we’ll see what that means for the ladies in Magnificent Ladies Wrestling. I would prefer to wrestle by the rulebook, but if necessary, I can and will defend myself."

Credit: Jeff Borden