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Tiffany Roxx

Tiffany Roxx

In case you have not noticed, she's AWESOME!

Height: 5-foot-3
Weight: 120 pounds
Hometown: Fort Oglethorpe, Georgia

For Tiffany Roxx, her foray into the world of professional wrestling started with an innocent conversation.

"When I was in high school, my friend at the time told me that he was a professional wrestler," she said. "I went to watch a show one night and then sit through a few training sessions my friend was going through. I started to really respect the sport."

Tiffany said she was compelled to give wrestling a try.

"Once I started training, I knew that it was what I wanted to do. It was awesome!"

She started training with Rick Justice in Dalton, Georgia before debuting in 2008 in Tennessee. She said pro-wrestling gives her a sense of pride and accomplishment.

"Getting knocked down and being able to get back up and keep fighting is hard to do," she said. "But wrestling makes me have to do it every time I get in the ring."

Tiffany also has an affinity for interacting with the fans.

"Seeing all the smiling or mad faces in the crowd. Knowing that I had a direct part in making them feel the way the do. Keeping them coming back each and every show. Those are great feelings."

She added that she likes to leave fans with a greater respect for women's wrestling. She said she does that by putting forth the maximum effort in the ring with a mix of technical, high-flying and power moves. Some of those moves include a Texas cloverleaf and her devastating finisher, the Roxx Your World.

"I'm a confident wrestler who will do anything it takes to win my matches," Tiffany said. "Most times I will follow the rules. But I do tend to get a little dirty and cheat if I need to get the better of my opponent."

Credit: Magnificent Ladies Wrestling

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